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    The basic function of this website is to serve the course VPM885 / HUB885 (Bioinformatics for Graduate Students) for various purposes, such as information sharing, communication, discussion, and document archiving.

    The key component of VPM885 / HUB885 is a course project. This course project should be related to the graduate thesis project in some way; it could be directly related to the thesis project or as a preparation for the bioinformatics portion of the thesis project. These graduate-level course project reports are valuable and should be available to the public if the authors desire to do so. This website can also serve as an publishing channel for these graduate-level course project reports.

    UPEI does not provide a separate Moodle course for VPM885 / HUB885 because it is cross-listed. VPM885 / HUB885 students will use Moodle course CS322 for basic course needs, but graduate students do have special issues should be discussed. Even though a separate VPM885 / HUB885 Moodle course is provided, it still cannot satisfy our needs, it will vanish after the course is offered so that it cannot provide a persistent publishing channel.

    To accommodate both short-term course communication purposes and long-term publishing purposes, this website gives author the flexible control over the availability of his or her articles. If an article is for temporary purposes or is in draft state, the author may specify that this article is private or is only accessible by a group of people with password; if an article is ready to be published, the author may specify that this article is public. An author may change the state of his or her articles at any time.

    An article published in this website will be available persistently and can be referenced as a form of publication.