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Phylogenetic analysis of housekeeping genes of Streptococcus agalatiae isolated from bulk tank milk samples in Colombia

Final assignment for Bioinformatic course winter, 2016*

University of Prince Edward Island


Claudia Gisela Cobo-Angel1

The data for this assignment was collected in collaboration with:

Ana Sofia Jaramillo1;Sandra Bibiana Aguilar1; Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte2; Javier Sanchez2; Ruth Zadoks3; Alejandro Ceballos1

Welcome to VPM885

This is the first offering of VPM885 and welcome on board. Before VPM885 was set up, some graduate students wanted to take CS322/BIO322 (Bioinformatics) and also wanted to get graduate course credit. To accommodate these requests, VPM885 was created.

In my understanding, graduate students and undergraduate students are slightly different in taking this course: they […]