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    VPM885 Course Outline

    VPM885 – Bioinformatics for Graduate Students (Fall 2017)

    Course Objectives

    This course is an introduction to bioinformatics and a practical guide to the analysis of genes and proteins. It will familiarize students with the tools and principles of contemporary bioinformatics. By the end of the course, students will have a working knowledge at the graduate level of a variety of publicly available databases and computational tools important in bioinformatics, and a grasp of the underlying principles that are adequate for them to evaluate and utilize novel techniques as they arise in the future.

    This course will be jointly offered with the undergraduate course CS322/BIO322. The lecture portion and exam portion will be the same with CS322/BIO322. In addition to participating in all the lectures and activities of the undergraduate course CS 322/BIO 322, graduate students are expected to accomplish a graduate project and attend extra guest lectures specially prepared for graduate students (when the graduate enrolment is 3 or more). The graduate project would be related to the student’s research, so the thesis supervisor will be invited to join in the process of choosing and evaluating the graduate project. The graduate project will be worth 30% of the final grade.

    Course Information

    Extra Lectures

    • Extra guest lectures for graduate students will be scheduled when the graduate enrolment is 3 or more.

    Graduate Project

    • Should be related to student’s research.
    • Thesis supervisor may be invited to join in the process of choosing and evaluating the graduate project.
    • Every student is expected to write articles in this Forum during the course study. Among these articles,  one should be a high-quality course project report.


    • Assignments 20%
    • Labs 5%
    • Final exam 45%
    • Project 30%

    Forum Usage

    • Every student registered in this course will be provided a user account in this website with author’s privileges.
    • Every student will receive the credentials of this account through email or post.
    • Every student needs to learn how to create, edit, and manage his or her own articles in this website, including the availability control (public, protected, or private).